Back-end development

API-Integrations, server management, wordpress, custom or pre-made webshops, websites, blogs, ... Nothing is to big or to small for us!


Integration with other software solutions can often be a hassle. That's why we are here! We can guide you trough the ton's of availbale packages untill we find something that suits you best. Offcourse, there can't be a pre-made package for everything. In those cases, we can use our experience in writing API-Integrations to help you by creating a custom-made package for you. Suited exactly by your needs and fitting perfectly within the software of your choice.


Let's say you have two (or more) diffirent systems. For example, one is your invoicing system, the other one being your e-commerce platform. In a perfect way, you would have your invoicing system generate your invoices for all your e-commerce purchases. Well, in these cases we can provide so-called 'middleware' wich will do that exact job! We offer out-of-the-box or custom-made software. This way, there is no system or software solution we can't handle!

Back-end development

From the moment you have an idea about your webapp or website, you start to wonder what kind of software package would suit your needs. Well, look no further! We can assist you by helping you pick the right software-package! However, sometimes, pre-made software packages don't have evrything you need. In that case, we can create a solution perfectly based on your requirements. This way, you will have the perfect software for you project.

Optimized Hosting Solutions

As we are specialists at back-end development and server-management, we also offer hosting solutions.

If there is no package right for you, don't hesitate to contact us so we can come to a perfect solution for your case. 

For the most heavy & powerfull users, we can also provide you with scalable, load-balanced cloud-hosting, optimized for your application and needs.

Blazing-Fast SSD's

All of our hosting plan's include the power of blazing-fast SSD's! Never straugle with slow HDD's anymore! By hosting your website or webapp on our SSD's, your app will get the speed it deserves!

24/7 Monitoring

Our service-engineers and monitoring apps are always working to ensure the security, stability and speed of our servers. Not only on server-level, but also on application-level we can set you up with monitoring. Using this service you can be sure your application will never go down again unnoticed.

Content Delivery Networks

Images, video's, files, everything takes up page-load. However we offer blazing-fast hosting, sometimes this is just not enough for a high-graphic website. No worries! We got you covered. Being able to offer diffirent kind's of Content Delivery Networks around the world, we can help you to ensure your visitors get the fastest experience they can possibily have!

Wordpress Optimized Hosting

Wordpress is a very popular software-package these days. However, big WordPress sites can often be slowed down very easily. Well, with our WordPress-optimized hosting you never have to worry anymore! You will have to time to work on your blog or website as much as you want when we handle the speed of your blog!

Cloud Services

Some applications just don't have enough with normal hosting. Being it because they are very heavily visited, or just because it's a very demanding app, it can be a hassle to find good Cloud Solutions. We at QuibaX can offer you all the assistance you need to set-up, configure, monitor and maintain your cloud-hosting! Feel free to contact us for any more info!

Developer Friendly

Being developers ourselfs, we know how hard it can be to find affordable hosting as a developer. This is one of the reasons why we make our hosting as developer-friendly as possible. Use any deployment-tools you are used to and deploy without a hassle on our servers! From GIT, to Composer, you name it. Most of it is available out-of-the-box. However, if it wouldn't be, we are happy to listen to your needs and set-up your favorite deployment tool.

View some of our recent projects

Photobooth, a project made for Studio 100. The main goal of photobooth is to provide an photo-toolsuite where you can upload/take photo's and edit them by using movie or character assets. Both on mobile and desktop. The tool is customizable to be used in other languages, with other copyrights, other characters and so on.

For DVX-Performance, we created a custom multilanguage CMS system which hold's all of the brands, models, types, engines and stages.  

For one of our client's we've recently also been working on a custom-crm/service-server system. The system takes data from 10+ diffirent sources and processes it, ready to be delivered to other systems. It's also been made to handle mass-mailing segmentation and connections to popular marketing-platforms.

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